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The mission of Baseball and Business is to empower current and former pro and college players to reach their full potential on the field and in business. We do this by giving current and former players a platform to share from their experiences in baseball and business.

The Baseball and Business Podcast

Each episode features a current or former MLB, MiLB or college player sharing from their journey in baseball and business. Here is a taste of what the podcast is all about…

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Video Contributors

Tyler Malone chats about the experience of bringing home a National Championship in 2018. Tyler had several clutch hits including three homers in Omaha. Tyler was drafted in 2019 and is now playing in the San Diego Padres organization.

With 15 games to go, the 2007 Rockies were 76-72 and were well behind the Padres in the Wild Card race. Former MLB pitcher Ryan Speier takes us inside the shift that took place which led to winning 14 of 15 including a tiebreaker game to not only make the playoffs but the World Series.

Former Yankees Director of Strength, Conditioning and Performance Dana Cavalea shares his thoughts why everything you do on the field is ultimately the best way to build your brand. From here, he explains how he did this to open opportunities in business as well as what other Yankees thought about balancing baseball and business.

Former big leaguer Jonathan Van Every shares from his experience of getting the call as a rookie into a pennant race with the Red Sox in 2008.

Erik Ostberg, a catcher in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, talks about how he’s maximizing the opportunity by creating partnerships with companies.

Former pro player and current pro hitting instructor Kevin Wilson shares his thoughts on the best way to build confidence. This applies as much in business as it does baseball.

James “J.R.” Reid shares a technique to carry into the business or baseball field. Failure is inevitable. How we deal with it can determine how quickly we get back on track.

Article Contributors

Pro Players

Eric Byrnes                      
Ryan Speier                      
Logan Ice

Cole Irvin                         
Alex Katz             
Andrew Summerville
Erik Ostberg                
Chris Lubanski                
Jake Gronsky

Jeremy Wolf                      
Javi Salas                         
Jared King

Drew Beuerlein 
Gage Smith
Kaleb Earls

Kevin Wilson
Tim Pahuta
Rick Hester

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Our network continues to grow because of players spreading the word to fellow players.

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A Message from the Founder

Baseball and Business was created out of my journey of navigating the transition from playing college baseball to being in the business world full time.

Along the way, I started to connect with like-minded current and former college and pro baseball guys. In having these conversations, a common thread I heard from many players was that they didn’t feel adequately prepared when the time came to transition from playing baseball to being full time in business. After hearing these stories and going through the highs and lows of the transition myself, I wanted to create a way that would allow current and former college and pro players to be better positioned to succeed in business.

The network brings current and former college and pro baseball players together that can relate to the different phases of the journey in both baseball and business.

The most valuable lesson I learned from playing baseball that carries into business is focusing on playing one specific position and relying on teammates to do what is outside of it. No one would go out on a baseball field and compete by themselves and believe that should hold true in business too.

The Baseball and Business network is here to help you in whatever way we can.

Luke Melms

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