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Baseball and Business is an exclusive network of current & former pro & college baseball players you can navigate the journey with together to more rapidly advance your accomplishments in business by growing your mindset, leadership skills, network and income to win for your family.

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Watch The Future of Baseball and Business webinar to learn why this exclusive network exists, how you can become apart of this elite circle and the benefits you get access to through membership  

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What Exactly Will I Get By Becoming a Member?

Member Only Benefits Include:

  • Access to our private online community to interact with other members
  • A monthly Zoom meetup tied to our monthly theme which includes a breakout session to network with other members and participate in live Q&A of our featured guest of the quarter. Here’s a small taste…

  • A monthly challenge to spur action and hold you accountable towards making 2023 your best year yet
  • An invitation to our annual in-person event
  • Archived content only accessible within the private online community
  • The ability to download the app to access our online community on mobile as well as desktop

*Joining does not guarantee any specific results which can vary and is ultimately determined by the activity of each individual

What If I’m Not Sure This Is For Me?

While our community is exclusive to current and former pro and college baseball players, it is for anyone in this fraternity no matter where they are at on their journey.

If you want to explore more first, our free content available to all is our podcast. Each episode features a current or former MLB, MiLB or college player sharing from their journey as an athlete and within business. The Baseball and Business Podcast is available on all major platforms. Click to listen on Apple Podcasts.

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