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Ep 69: Launching a Career with NASA, Chasing Music Dreams in Nashville and Solving a Niche Problem – Willie Shaw

June 28th, 2023

Former D1 college player Willie Shaw shares from his journey launching his career with NASA to currently living in Nashville working for a VC backed tech startup while songwriting and singing on Episode 69. 

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation…

1. Why he chose to get a knowledge based Bachelor’s degree and combined it with a specific skill based Master’s degree in Accounting 

2.  How he used networking to get his foot in the door to launch his career working with NASA

3.  He pivoted by taking a risk moving to Nashville to pursue songwriting and singing, why he turned down being on the hit show The Voice and how this led to getting signed by CAA 

4. Willie shares about his role at Remedy Technology, a VC backed tech firm, which is solving a niche challenge in the music industry and has landed Big Machine and Big Loud Records as clients 

Willie’s story shows how taking calculated risks allows pursuing dreams to happen now versus hoping to go for it one day.

To connect with Willie, you can find him on LinkedIn or his website at

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