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The End

December 12th, 2018

By Luke Melms

Greatness on the baseball field doesn’t buy a ticket to avoiding the fact that the game of life eventually ends.

I saw the picture above for the first time as many news outlets shone the light on the life of George H.W. Bush. This picture of George while a student-athlete at Yale was taken only weeks before Babe Ruth passed away.

I want to challenge you with a specific thought as 2018 comes to an end. Picture those last moments in life. Looking back wondering “What if…” would be a painful pill to swallow.

What is the one thing you are wondering “What if…” about right now?

I thought of a couple examples on the field worth reflecting on that might help you take that leap.

1. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier

In what is easily the most courageous act within the confines of the game, Jackie Robinson stepped onto a big league ballfield despite the animosity some showed whether it was verbally abusing him or even physically threatening him.

He didn’t just play. He performed at a elite level which earned a spot in Cooperstown.

2. Jim Abbott throws a no-hitter

Being born without a right hand was not going to stop him from going for it in baseball. He went on to become a first round draft pick and make it to the big leagues. The moment that stands out among the rest is his no hitter in 1993 against the Indians.

3. Michael Jordan traded his basketball jersey for a baseball jersey

It was quite a shock when MJ walked away from basketball in the prime of his career but the murder of his father put everything into perspective. The decision was to honor his dad who envisioned him as a MLB player.

4. Tim Tebow gives a run at pro baseball by playing for the first time since high school

Despite all the backlash and criticism, he just went to work knowing he had a long ways to go in catching up.

In 2018, he showed that this was not a circus act by holding his own hitting .273 at AA.

Time will tell if he will reach his goal of getting the call to the big leagues. What is sure is that he won’t spend the rest of his life wondering if a team was willing to give him a shot.

No matter where you are at, use these last few weeks of 2018 to map out a plan and be able a year from now to look back without wondering “What if…” at the end of 2019. By doing this year over year, you’ll avoid one day looking back with regret at the end.

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