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The Beauty of Rain Delays

November 22nd, 2017

By Luke Melms

How do rain delays have anything beautiful about them? These moments allow for a pause to take place and reframe what is going on in the busyness of the everyday grind.

Last year’s World Series showed how a rain delay can be used to regroup. After the Cubs saw a three run lead disappear only four outs away from finishing off Game 7, a rain delay before starting extra innings led to an infamous team meeting. Jason Heyward went on to deliver these words, “We’re the best team in baseball, and we’re the best team in baseball for a reason. Now we’re going to show it. We play like the score is nothing-nothing. We’ve got to stay positive and fight for your brothers. Stick together and we’re going to win this game.”

The rain delay lasted all of 17 minutes and the rest is history.

Tomorrow we have a chance to to briefly pause and think about the blessings we have. The opportunity to spend time with those closest to us is a great reminder of the why behind our what. While the name on the front of a jersey can change, the name on the back will always remain the same.

Just like that decisive game, we can all come out of this break and finish the year with our best effort creating massive momentum into next year. I want to personally thank you for your involvement in making Baseball and Business what it is. 2017 is just the beginning of what lies ahead. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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