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The Basics of Business Learned from Baseball

June 27th, 2018
By Vinny Addona

Making the transition to the workplace from baseball was once a frightful thought.

Now that I am doing it, I find it exciting and worthwhile. The biggest thing I have noticed is the work ethic and routine I developed from years of baseball really playing into this position.

I am currently an investor services intern for Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. I am working out in Houston and learning how to transition into a new chapter of my life. For me, showing up early to work is similar to getting to the ballpark before a game in order to get ready. I consistently plan out my day and the tasks I want to accomplish in order to maximize the time I spend at work. This is similar to how I prepare for at-bats or other aspects of the game. Knowing how I would attack a pitcher or shift a certain hitter has taught me to think ahead and find ways to get things done.

Baseball also taught me how to adjust and handle failures. Playing a game where we fail 70% of the time and are successful forces one to have a strong mentality. Working in an office has more to do with making adjustments. Whether that be unplanned meetings or having difficult clients, you have to be able to adapt to the situation and be prepared for these types of situations.

Sitting in an office performing research and other tasks is nothing compared to being mentally exhausted from a long, hard practice and then having to find the energy to go workout. Here, I am not physically exhausted which keeps me energetic and allows my mind to be fresh and active. It is easier to push through an inbox full of emails or research reports than it is the last set of squats in a late night workout.

One of my co-workers was impressed at how much I was networking and getting things done, and I thought to myself: “I am just pushing buttons and making phone calls, I am not running laps or doing grueling drills.” It was then that realized how important baseball has been in my life in terms of the work ethic it taught me and how it forced me to learn discipline and time management skills.

Another thing that has been helpful is constructive criticism from coaches. This has taught me how to handle being told I am doing something wrong and how to be coached. Being coachable is crucial not only on the field but in the workplace. Managers need and want employees who can work well with others and handle feedback. Learning takes place during this process and having that experience of learning through guidance is invaluable.

Overall, baseball and business intersect extremely well. The lessons learned through baseball translate to the workplace. I have drive and passion that is attributed to my time on the diamond. It is such an awesome experience seeing how my skills and experiences as a baseball player are allowing me to be so successful in this role. I am excited to see where things go from here and to continue to develop as an employee outside of baseball.

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