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August 23rd, 2017

By Luke Melms

I am always thinking of new ways to bring value to the Baseball and Business community. The idea I have been floating around is building a scholarship for current college players. Division 1 football teams can give up to 85 full scholarships and Division 1 basketball teams 13 full scholarships. This allows both sports to equip most of the team with a full ride. Meanwhile, baseball players get the short end of the stick as each team is only allowed to give 11.7 scholarships often forcing them to be broken up fractionally. In addition the D2 level sees the number fall to 9 full scholarships and obviously zero at the D3 level. Regardless of the program, tuition costs are real factor for where a student can actually attend and play.

To help bridge this obvious gap, Baseball and Business would like to see what can be done to help a few student-athletes by creating a scholarship. At this point, this is an idea which needs the funds to make it a reality. I am throwing this out to the Baseball and Business community directly for a few reasons. First, you may work for a company that would possibly be interested in being a sponsor. Secondly, you may own your own company or be in a position where you can decide where to allocate marketing funds or funds that may be earmarked for this type of cause. Finally, you may be a student-athlete and want to be on the front end of knowing about this possible opportunity.

My initial idea is to create three different scholarships for a dollar amount that would be determined based on interest from corporate sponsorships. Student-athletes would submit their entry by sharing their story through video or writing allowing students to pair up what they believe is their best communication vehicle. Student-athletes would share how their baseball playing experience is helping mold their future ambitions in business.

  1. Best video story
  2. Best written story
  3. TBD category

Not only would a few people receive scholarships but would help all entrants simulate the real world situation of being one of many competing for a job. Written and verbal communication skills are two of the most important factors weighed in the interview process of pursuing a job. Baseball players are used to competing on a baseball field but getting a job is a much different type of competing. It is my vision that this could help develop skills that can’t be gained in a classroom.

I would love to see this come together and be able to award a few scholarships in January heading into the second semester and 2018 college baseball season. If you have any suggestions, feedback or resources that could help make this a reality, please send me an email at Your help is greatly appreciated!

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