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One Decision Away

January 3rd, 2018

By Luke Melms

The accomplishments of a prior season should never be completely forgotten but in order to accomplish new heights we must go into new territory.

What is the future you envision yourself experiencing?

Maybe you are a father and picture your kids growing up in your dream house. Maybe you see yourself playing in a World Series. Maybe you see yourself getting married to a longtime girlfriend.

Just as a car needs fuel to move forward, many dreams require money being made to become a reality.

Baseball and Business was created to help current and former players make these types of dreams happen through maximizing what baseball is as baseball players and businessmen.

Current players have the chance to stack business on top of baseball unlike ever before. The amount of opportunities to make business connections and create money beyond the field has never been riper.

Former players have the opportunity to put on a different jersey full time. The ability to take the lessons from baseball into business have never been more practical.

Whether you are a current or former player, there’s a huge opportunity on the table by fully embracing who you already are to move closer to whatever your dreams are. There is no reason to change and try to be somebody different.

A great example of a current player doing this is Marcus Stroman. He’s one of baseball’s best arms and is a successful businessman. He completed his degree from Duke University in 2016, puts out a lot of content as he goes about his day which has gained almost 1 million followers between Twitter and Instagram and created his own apparel brand HDMH which stands for Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.

Baseball players are not one dimensional. The days are over of being seen as “just” baseball players and likely not to achieve the same level of success outside baseball. The stories that have been published on this platform are the evidence of this.

Last year was just the beginning of what this movement is. In addition to the weekly stories published on the website, the Baseball and Business Instagram account will begin to see current and former players take over the account through the stories feature to share tips of how winning in baseball and business is happening for them. This is just one of the new roll outs on deck in 2018.

Each player current or former faces their own unique circumstances. Baseball and Business is here to act as a guide to bridge the gap between these two vehicles that go hand in hand.

Everyone is starting 2018 with a 0-0 record. The months ahead can be the moments that change the trajectory of where everything is heading in baseball and business.

Baseball players know there are no detours, shortcuts or one “secret”. This is one of the big advantages baseball ingrains in us. There’s only one decision that matters…to get up each day and do the work. What you do in the present no matter how big or small is a stepping stone to a much bigger moment in the future. The videos below are a great example of this truth. This is the beauty of baseball. There is always a journey.

This formula to success in baseball works just as well in business. This is how it works and will always work. Make this the year you go all in on your DNA of being a baseball player and businessman.

What is your #1 goal in baseball, business or both in 2018? Share in the comments below and put it out there publicly. Let’s make 2018 your best year ever.


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