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Navigating the Storms in Baseball and Business

August 22nd, 2018
By Luke Melms

What I saw were more than dark clouds and rain in the distance.

I saw a reflection of baseball and business.

After finishing my workout on the beach this weekend, I saw a storm over the Atlantic but was just a small pocket of rain. Both to the right and left of it were blue skies.

As much as we can plan, not every moment is going to go according to it. Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

While the punches along the way are going to come, it’s our job to not get stuck in the storm.

Obviously that is much easier said then done. I don’t say this just because it sounds good. I say it from the storm I’ve personally walked through fighting Crohn’s Disease. Business is a battle by itself but since last year this has added a new dimension. Every eight weeks I get a very good reminder of this when get a two hour infusion of a powerful drug called Remicade.

When engulfed in the middle of the storm, it is difficult to see out of it. This is why the people we surround ourselves with are so valuable. They may be close yet far enough away to be able to see the bigger picture. If I was going at this alone, I know I could not only have gone through multiple hospitalizations but come out the back end so much farther ahead in every aspect of my life. It has been as much a mental test as it has been physical.

This is what makes baseball unique in that it is such a mental game on top of the physical grind it is. The reality in both baseball and business is that the clouds won’t be in the rear view mirror unless we can look beyond our current circumstances.

Hitting and pitching coaches serve as guides in the on the field journey.

In business, this may be more ambiguous but be sure not to go at it alone. Find people that have already done what you’d like to one day and embrace being coached.

No one accidentally plays college or pro baseball. If you are reading this, keep it handy for a moment when doubt creeps in and questions your actual ability.

Storms last for minutes, hours or sometimes even days but always pass.

Don’t let long term goals be stopped by short term interruptions. Keep moving forward.

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  1. Kate Melms says:

    There is quantum physics energy in every word you speak. Speak hope, truth, and love. Especially in the storms.

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