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Former Big Leaguers Diving Into Business

November 8th, 2017

By Luke Melms

Last week we talked about the concept of synergy and the power of compounding efforts. Thinking back to the origins of coming up with a name, one of the finalists was Baseball to Business. After realizing how it doesn’t necessarily have to be two separate seasons in life, the name Baseball and Business was picked instead.

There has been a higher influx of athletes in all sports dipping their toes into business while their careers are still going on recognizing that either they will need to continue creating income after playing or simply have a long life ahead and need something to do with their competitive drive.

About a year ago, a group of former baseball players that included Nolan Ryan, Barry Larkin, David Ortiz and Torii Hunter formed a private equity firm. Ortiz stated, “We know baseball. But we plan on finding the best people in the business to help us on what we don’t know.”

The question many players have whether it is before or after their playing career is over is where to start in business. It is a great question because it is completely foreign territory for most.

The beauty of business is that many of the lessons learned in baseball carry over. No one starts from completely from scratch. You use what you have and surround yourself with teammates. That is the starting point. The same winning formula in baseball applies in business.

As I mentioned last week, there are conversations happening which will bring business and career resources to the table for this community. While this is still developing, I am going to make an offer to the first five people who respond via email. The first five people who send an email to will get up to a one hour coaching session completely free around whatever topic you would like.

Whether it is within baseball or business, high rewards are never achievable without taking risks.

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