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Episode 62: Reimagining What’s Possible, Bouncing Back from Disappointment and Redefining Success – Kevin Kowalke

September 14th, 2022

Former college player Kevin Kowalke shares how after building a successful mortgage business for 20 years he made a cross country move and teamed up with a long time friend to pivot into consulting on Episode 62.

1. Kevin and Luke chat about their paths crossing about a decade ago and how this sparked Baseball and Business to launch

2.  Kevin shares why the traditional definition of success is often limiting and how through his journey he’s been able to get better clarity on what is possible in the big picture

3.  Kevin talks about the toughest challenge he faced going through a painful divorce and how he was able to be better after going through it not only in business but now as a husband and father to two children after getting remarried 

4.  Kevin explains why he decided to pivot into consulting after 20 years in the mortgage industry and his advice for anyone else who is considering making a career transition

Kevin’s story shows that life is a journey of peaks and valleys which have lessons to learn in both places.

To connect with Kevin, you can find him on LinkedIn or text him at 414-315-5555.

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