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Episode 60: How to Come Up Clutch in Baseball and Business – James “J.R.” Reid

July 20th, 2022

Former college player James “J.R.” Reid shares on Episode 60 how he is helping big leaguers and high level business professionals navigate the pressure it takes to succeed at the top as a peak performance coach.

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Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. Several stories as a D1 baseball player, mentoring athletes while getting his J.D. and MBA at LSU and working as an agent to pro baseball players which give perspective on how to avoid pitfalls and make decisions that get you closer to your desired outcomes

2. The process current players should use when deciding who work with as key advising relationships such as agents, attorneys, financial advisors, etc.

3. Why he believes understanding your own core values and vision are key to being equipped to make decisions not just as a baseball player but in every aspect of life

4. The three areas of life which must be aligned in order to perform at your highest level

J.R.’s story shows how making the right decisions over a long period of time is how to get to where you are desiring to go.

To connect with J.R., you can visit his website at or on LinkedIn. Additionally, his podcast Coming Up Clutch with J.R. can be heard on all major platforms and

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