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Episode 59: The Lab Changing How Hitters Choose Their Bats – Keenan Long

July 28th, 2021

Former pro player Keenan Long shares on Episode 59 how his company LongBall Labs is helping big league hitters maximize exit velocity by taking guessing out of the equation for when it comes to choosing their gamers.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. How a conversation with Joe Girardi in college influenced the trajectory of Keenan’s future as a baseball player and engineering student

2. How Keenan’s experiment with former MLB player Adam Rosales led to creating LongBall Labs

3. A story of how Jed Lowrie’s use of LongBall Labs assisted in getting the A’s a win in a specific at bat this season

4. The rule in baseball Keenan has learned has the least amount of application in business

Keenan’s story shows how seeing beyond what currently exists in the marketplace may be what leads to a breakthrough.

To connect with Keenan, you can reach him through their Twitter page @longballlabs1 or by calling/texting 773-870-1968.

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