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Episode 58: Tommy John, Developing Pitches and Breaking Into a Global Company – Jeff Burke

June 30th, 2021

Former San Francisco Giants prospect Jeff Burke shares how he successfully transitioned into the business world starting his career with a global company on Episode 58.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. How not being able to play baseball for the first time having Tommy John surgery led to valuable perspective that benefited him within and beyond the game

2. How Jeff’s blog to help his grandma keep up to date on his pro ball career led to an offseason internship and the importance of building relationships

3. Why baseball players shouldn’t overlook the discipline it takes to play at a high level and how this directly applies in the business world to set yourself apart from others while trying to get your career off the ground

4. The importance of understanding being young in business compared to being an older baseball prospect when exiting the game

Jeff’s story shows the importance of having a long term focus when developing a career on the field or in business.

To connect with Jeff, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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