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Episode 54: Throwing a Perfect Game and Chasing New Dreams in Business – Javi Salas

January 20th, 2021

Former pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization and at the University of Miami Javi Salas shares how baseball has been the precursor to bigger things in business on Episode 54.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. Why Javi returned for his senior year after being drafted by the Twins as a junior and how this led to a historic night throwing only the 23rd perfect game at the D1 level.

2. Why Javi debated following through on the full time job offer he had already accepted in the fall of his senior year after being drafted by the Brewers in the 10th round as a senior.

3. How Javi articulated the relevance of his baseball experience within business while applying to MBA programs.

4. Why Javi decided the pandemic in 2020 created the perfect timing to leave his full time job to pursue his MBA after getting accepted to one of the top program in the country at Duke University.

Javi’s story shows how baseball can be the springboard to success beyond the diamond.

To connect with Javi, you can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter @Feliz_Javidad.

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  1. Love Javi Salas story and interview by Luke , especially toward the end with Javi’s advice. Be a good teammate, and do things to help your team win that don’t show up in the stats.

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