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Episode 50: Ivy League, Minor Leagues and Working at Nike – Brian McAfee

August 26th, 2020

Former pro player Brian McAfee shares from his experiences as a student-athlete at Cornell and Duke before being drafted by the Rays and now working at Nike as a Data Scientist on Episode 50. Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. Brian talks about how he juggled the heavy workload as a student-athlete at Cornell and Duke

2. Brian shares his underdog story of being drafted out of Duke in the 38th round by the Rays

3. Brian speaks to how he navigated finding his first job out of baseball to land at adidas which then also led to his current position as a Data Scientist at Nike

4. Why he co-founded Walk-Off Analytics and created the Seqnzr product to provide quantitative feedback on lineup optimization to baseball teams in order to maximize run production

Brian’s story shows how important it is to go all in wherever you are at.

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To learn more about the Seqnzr product through Walk-Off Analytics, visit

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One Response to “Episode 50: Ivy League, Minor Leagues and Working at Nike – Brian McAfee”

  1. Scott McAfee says:

    Hi Brian, congratulations on your climb to success, and continued climbing. I wish I could have lived vicariously trough you a little longer. ;-)I’m glad to see the work you and your Dad have done is being put to use and hope it is a great success. Is there a shortened version for Season 2020? 🙂 I greatly look forward to seeing you again!

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