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Episode 48: Finding the Dream Makers – Jim Morris

August 12th, 2020

Former MLB player Jim “The Rookie” Morris shares from his incredible story which Disney turned into a movie and the insurmountable odds he has once again overcome beating Parkinson’s since the movie came out on Episode 48.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. Jim talks about his difficult first stint in pro ball which led to pursuing teaching and coaching and how a bet he made with his high school baseball players propelled him to earn a second chance at pro ball as a 35 year old

2. He shares the valuable lessons veteran teammates Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff and others shared and the importance of finding those who believe in your dreams

3. Jim shares his Parkinson’s diagnosis after baseball and his miraculous defeat of the disease which has been described as unheard of by his neurologist

4. Jim talks about his journey as public speaker and the release of his brand new book Dream Makers which will help you learn how to apply what Jim has lived out to make his dreams become a reality in baseball and beyond

Jim’s story shows the importance of finding the right teammates in life and not allowing others to put limitations on what is possible.

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