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Episode 47: No Legs, All Heart – Dave Stevens

August 5th, 2020

Dave Stevens shares his remarkable story as a legless college athlete who also had the chance to play independent league baseball for the St. Paul Saints on Episode 47.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

0:52 Dave describes the challenges he faced growing up without legs in Arizona and the resilience he gained from overcoming these trials

16:16 Dave recounts his tryout for USA Baseball in 1983 on the same field with some of the best talent in the nation at the time including Barry Bonds and Oddibe McDowell

20:00 Dave talks about his experience playing independent league baseball which included a pinch-hit AB for Darryl Strawberry

22:45 Dave describes the development of his career in broadcasting which eventually led to accepting a job at ESPN where he was awarded 7 Sports Emmy Awards over his career

Dave’s story clearly shows the importance of focusing on the strengths you do have versus the attributes you don’t.

Click here to connect with Dave on LinkedIn. You can also visit his website at to learn more about Dave and access all his social media channels.

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