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Episode 46: A New Chapter – Casper Wells V

July 29th, 2020

Former MLB player Casper Wells V shares from his 10 year pro ball career and journey afterwards building a career in business on Episode 46.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. What Casper’s first call up taught him and allowed him to thrive hitting over .300 his first year in the big leagues

2. How Casper mentally prepared every day when in a platoon situation

3. How going back to finish his degree at age 30 allowed Casper to get focused on the long term outlook of his career before getting into the business world

4. How the advice of a former college teammate helped Casper figure out medical sales would be a great path to pursue after finishing school

Casper’s story shows the importance of being prepared for new opportunities especially when they arise unexpectedly.

Click here to connect with Casper on LinkedIn or on Instagram @capwells.

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