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Episode 41: Blocking Balls and Beating Cancer – Chase Jones

June 24th, 2020

Stage 4 brain cancer survivor and former college player Chase Jones shares from his comeback story on the University of North Carolina baseball team and beyond on Episode 41.

Chase with his pediatric oncologist Dr. Stuart Gold years after being cancer free

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation…

1. How the motivation to return to campus and the baseball field were main drivers that kept Chase going through intense cancer treatments

2. Why Chase believes every athlete should not overlook the platform they have

3. How the leadership skills developed on the field led to creating the Vs. Cancer Foundation which has raised over $6 million to date and becoming President of the Wharton Graduate Association while getting his MBA at Wharton

4. Why Chase decided to get his MBA and what others considering grad schools should consider before making their decision

Chase’s story shows that the biggest setbacks in life can be used to propel us forward if we persevere.

Click here to connect with Chase on LinkedIn. You can also email him at To learn more about the Vs. Cancer Foundation, visit the website at

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