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Episode 34: A Motivation Movement – CJ Beatty

April 29th, 2020

Former pro player CJ Beatty shares how he has used his God given talents and combined them with baseball after stepping off the field to build a business that’s empowering the next generation to win on the field on Episode 34.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. CJ’s perspective on how to be prepared to transition from college to pro ball

2. How CJ’s voice was the spark to the global brand The Baseball Motivator has become

3. Why CJ added making music to his brand and how he’s grown to having 500k+ streams

4. How Richard Petty and Evander Holyfield’s brand manager recently became CJ’s brand manager

CJ’s story shows how not being afraid of your haters and instead going all in on your gifts are the key to success.

To learn more about CJ and TBM, visit his website at or Instagram page @cjbeatty44.

Click here to connect with CJ on LinkedIn.

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