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Episode 33: Making Business a Lifestyle – Josh Shapiro

April 22nd, 2020

Former college player Josh Shapiro shares how he turned a lifestyle on the field into a thriving business on Episode 33.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. How Josh’s passion for the game combined with the early days of social media led to partnerships with some of the biggest baseball brands

2. The difficult decision Josh made which led to the launch of the Baseball Lifestyle 101 branded store

3. What made the 2018 College World Series a defining moment for the business

4. How Josh engaging his targeted audience and current pro players has been a winning combo to grow the business and brand

Josh’s story shows the importance of knowing your audience and finding unique ways to provide value.

To learn more about Baseball Lifestyle 101, visit the website at or Instagram page @baseball_lifestyle101.

Click here to connect with Josh on LinkedIn.

Access Episode 33 directly by clicking the link of your preferred streaming service below.

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