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Episode 32: Train With a Pro – Ryan Gridley

April 15th, 2020

Oakland A’s prospect Ryan Gridley shares how through the launch of his business ProCo+ he’s created a solution to the financial challenges many minor leaguers face on Episode 32.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. How Ryan went from being known more for his glove than bat as a freshman at Mississippi State to earning First Team All-SEC honors as junior hitting well over .300 which led to being drafted by the A’s 

2. Different challenges playing in the minors has presented which created the idea to launch his business ProCo+

3. How the platform allows pro players to make money year round while giving amateurs direct access to pros during their season not just in a cage during the winter

4. Ryan’s biggest lesson learned from diving into entrepreneurship and his best tip for anyone else that desires to launch their own business

Ryan’s story shows the best way to deal with a problem is to create a solution versus hoping someone else comes along to solve it.

To learn more about ProCo+, visit the website at or Instagram page @procoplus.

Click here to connect with Ryan on LinkedIn. You can follow him on Instagram @ryangridley10. You can also email him at

Access Episode 32 directly by clicking the link of your preferred streaming service below.

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