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Episode 28: From Hitting White Pearls to Chasing a White Coat – Jonathan Melms

July 24th, 2019

Former college player and current medical school student Jonathan Melms shares from his journey on the field and how this has prepared him for his biggest test on Episode 28.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. How juggling being a student-athlete at Macalester College prepared Jonathan for med school by being at an academically challenging school while playing baseball

2. Why having the right motives when chasing a significant goal can be the difference between success and failure

3. The importance of creating “teammates” beyond baseball

4. Why creating new dreams around the balance of passion and making the money needed to live the lifestyle you want is a key to balance

Jonathan’s story shows that life after baseball can allow us to set our sights on significant goals beyond the field.

Baseball and Business is really just another way of saying baseball and whatever life is beyond the field. This is a great example of one of many paths beyond the game. 

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