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Episode 26: Playing With No Regrets – Matt Antonelli

July 10th, 2019

Former MLB player and 2006 1st Round Pick of the Padres Matt Antonielli shares from the highs and lows of his pro ball career and how this perfectly positioned him to coach after his playing career in Episode 26.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. Why Matt decided to go to college versus signing after being drafted out of high school

2. How Matt’s journey going from draft pick to the big leagues in 2 years would teach him lessons that carried into coaching

3. How Matt juggled being a graduate assistant at Wake Forest, finishing his degree and starting Antonelli Baseball all at once

4. The power of building a brand through social media and specifically video

Matt’s story shows that being able to look back without regret is something we should all aspire for in baseball and business.

To learn more about Matt, visit his website at To connect with Matt, you can find him on Instagram @antonellibaseball or his YouTube channel by searching Antonelli Baseball.

Tune into Episode 26 by clicking above or by going to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

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