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Episode 24: Degree or No Degree? – Jeff Natale

June 26th, 2019

Former pro player and Red Sox draft pick Jeff Natale shares on Episode 24 from his journey in pro ball making it to AAA along with his transition to the other side where he recently took the dive into entrepreneurship.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. How Jeff was able to get attention of pro scouts and ultimately get drafted by the Red Sox in 2005 as a senior out of D3 Trinity College in Connecticut

2. Jeff’s journey from starting in the Florida Gulf Coast League to playing at AAA within the Red Sox and Yankees organizations

3. Jeff’s transition after baseball into his first job working at Milton Academy in Connecticut developing high school students and baseball players

4. How Jeff’s educational experience personally having a degree, working in education and playing as a pro player has led to starting a company called BAATS, Baseball Academic Advisory Team Support

Jeff’s story shows that being the underdog and constantly playing with a chip on your shoulder can go a long ways. In baseball, this translated to nearly having a .300 career average over 6 minor league seasons. In business, he is going against the odds by starting his own company.

To connect with Jeff on LinkedIn, click here.

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  1. Mark Tabor says:

    Jeff will be a great mentor. My family was very fortunate to have met Jeff thru my sons Milton Academy experience.

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