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Episode 23: Owning Your Journey in Baseball and Business – Alex Tuccio

June 19th, 2019

Former D1 player Alex Tuccio shares how the idea for starting his business ScoutDay was the byproduct of his own recruiting journey as a high school player on Episode 23.

Here are the highlights from our conversation…

1. How Alex’s transition from Seton Hall to Siena after one semester was an importnat part of the journey that birthed ScoutDay

2. How the initial investor in ScoutDay falling through led Alex to become a better entrepreneur because of having less resources to work with

3. Alex’s recent sale of the business which led to his current role as Head of Growth for :betr, a company started by one of the key employees in the earlier days of Facebook

4. Alex’s advice on how to leverage social media and the window of time as a current player to get a meeting with anyone you want within business

Alex’s story shows that the problems we face today may be a solution waiting to be provided in the marketplace tomorrow.

To connect with Alex on LinkedIn, click here.

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