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Episode 17: From the Garage to an 8 Figure Business – Travis Chock

May 8th, 2019

Baseballism CEO and Co-Founder Travis Chock shares how playing in college led to building what has become an eight figure business with several of his former teammates on Episode 17.

Here are a few of the many highlights from our conversation…

1. What Baseballism originally was and how it evolved into the apparel company it is today

2. Why Travis’ lack of a business degree as a teacher and coach was not a reason he avoided diving into entrepreneurship

3. How Baseballism has grown from an apparel company started in a garage to doing nearly $15 MM in revenue in 2018 with storefronts across the country

4. Why Travis believes living as if there is something to lose before you have it can be the difference between reaching goals and coming up short in baseball and business

5. A brand new announcement by Travis sharing where their next storefront will be opening later this year

This episode is packed with tips and ideas for anyone seeking ways to fully leverage their experiences on the field.

The Baseballism story is one that affirms baseball can be the foundation on which everything off the field is built upon. Many of us know the Baseballism brand but through this behind the scenes look will be able to better appreciate what is behind the name.

To shop for your own Baseballism apparel, visit their website at

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