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Episode 16: Maximizing Performance Through Sports Psychology – Brad Marshall

May 1st, 2019

Former college player Brad Marshall shares from playing two sports in college along with getting his undergrad and graduate degree before taking these experiences into the real world working with athletes in Episode 16

Here are a few of the key points we discussed…

1. How a mentorship in college with a professor helped pave the path to going to grad school for sports psychology

2. Brad’s experiences and process to help athletes and active military maximize their performance

3. Why asking the right questions is the best way to build trust and how he does this working with teams at FOCUS Unlimited

4. How crossfit has not only allowed him to continue to compete but open doors in business

Brad’s experiences as an athlete, student and business professional are all working together in his day to day and is a great example of how to take the investment of what was been done to create wins wherever you’re at today.

To connect with Brad on LinkedIn, click here. To learn more about FOCUS Unlimited, visit their website at

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