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Episode 15: Building a Championship Business Network – Luke Melms

April 24th, 2019

It’s no secret that winning in baseball requires a team. However it isn’t as obvious in business how to surround yourself with the right people to build a powerful business network.

On Episode 15, I share my best tips on how to focus on this important topic. Here are a few of the key points covered…

1. How to put “currency” in the pockets of those in your existing network and new business professionals you meet

2. Ideas to network by having fun versus it being an awkward and forced encounter with strangers

3. How to leverage the emotional connection with those who went to the same high school or college

4. The three types of people that are essential to having in your network to grow professionally long term

I created Baseball and Business to be a vehicle to help connect people and ideas. I’m glad to empower you with some practical ideas you can carry this out in your day to day.

These ideas will only work as well as they are put into action though. After you listen to this episode, I strongly encourage you to visit our private LinkedIn group and connect with at least one other guy in the network.

Tune into Episode 15 by clicking above or by going to iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

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