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Episode 14: Hitting a Home Run in Coaching and Business – Patrick Jones

April 17th, 2019

Former player Patrick Jones shares from his journey playing at Xavier University along with how he’s blended coaching and business together in Episode 14.

Patrick’s story has a repeating common thread that shows what can happen when you aren’t left wondering “What if…?”.

Here are a few of the topics we touched on during our conversation…

1. How a last minute decision led to playing at Xavier University on scholarship

2.Why he decided to start his own business as a hitting coach versus continuing to coach in the traditional team environment

3. Patrick’s thoughts for anyone who is wondering where to start when they know where they want to get to but aren’t sure how to begin

4. The power of social media within coaching and how he’s leveraged it in getting his podcast to over 100 episodes that includes current and former big leaguers, coaches, front office executives and others

Patrick’s journey shows how baseball and business can be brought together as a coach. There’s many paths to success beyond playing and is a great example for those wanting to stay directly tied to the game to hear from.

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