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Episode 13: Pro Athlete Advantage – Matt Phillips

April 10th, 2019

Former player Matt Phillips shares from his journey playing at Creighton University and professionally overseas in addition to his experiences in Corporate America and starting his own business in Episode 13.

Matt’s story shows that taking risks are the only way to win in baseball and business.

Here are a few of the topics we touched on during our conversation…

1. How he took an unconventional route to playing D1 baseball

2. Why he rolled the dice to move to Switzerland while working in Corporate America

3. How Matt started his career working for a Big 4 accounting firm and eventually started his own company Pro Athlete Advantage down the road

4. What his training squads are doing to push those in business to new levels through training the mind and body in the context of a team

Matt’s journey demonstrates the power of stepping outside of the comfort zone time and time again. This regular experience in baseball is an advantage we as athletes can carry over into business to gain an edge against those we compete against in business.

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