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Episode 10: From the Big Leagues to Business School – Brendan Harris

March 20th, 2019

Former big leaguer Brendan Harris shares from his 15 year pro ball career and transition after the game on Episode 10.

Brendan currently works for the Los Angeles Angels in player development and pro scouting and has worked for Seventy Six Capital in their Athlete Venture Group. ‚Äč

Here are a few of the topics we touched on during our conversation…

1. The experience of playing in Game 163 and the postseason

2. Going back to school after finishing on the field to get an MBA at The Wharton School

3. Brendan’s advice on networking and building relationships for both current and former players

4. Why Brendan believes being a baseball player extends well beyond wearing the jersey

Brendan has been a student of the game and business which is why he’s found success as a player and after. His experiences on the field became a spring board to everything he’s gone on to do between getting his MBA and working for the Angels and Seventy Six Capital.

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