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Down But Not Out

October 18th, 2017

By Luke Melms

The playoffs have been filled with comebacks and late inning heroics. No one has done it better than the New York Yankees after coming back from an 0-2 hole in the ALDS and tying up the ALCS after dropping the first two games. When winning is the only option, it can often bring out the best in individuals and teams.

We find ourselves in the late innings of 2017. Maybe you find yourself like the Dodgers in the playoffs and have been rolling through this year. Maybe you are in a spot more like the Yankees after Game 2. No one ever expects to have outcomes go the wrong way especially the worst case scenario. It happens though and when in those spots have one of two choices to make. Fight or stay down.

For me personally, this year has provided quite the unexpected hole to find myself in. After playing baseball through college and never suffering a major injury, I spent three days in the hospital after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Only a few months later in June, I found myself back in the hospital having surgery due to this Crohn’s diagnosis.

Whether it is baseball or business, nothing is ever as good as it seems nor as bad as it seems. Baseball reflects how life actually goes. It is an everyday grind with stretches of ups and downs. While the first half of the year kicked me down, I was determined to make progress by just not quitting. Instead of focusing on where I wasn’t, I focused on the current day. It is hard to hit a grand slam with no one on base. In the midst of chaos, I was still able to get the new Baseball and Business website launched and transitioned into a new job that I was excited about.

I don’t know all the individual stories of those who are reading this. However, I have no question that everyone is fighting their own resistance. I share my story to provide encouragement and inspiration to keep fighting whatever battle you may be facing. As we keep watching the playoffs, may it serve as a reminder that being down doesn’t mean you are out.

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  1. Kate Melms says:

    Lombardi agrees.
    When the going gets tough,
    the tough get going.
    You could tell if someone would die in 24 hours in the concentration camps of WW II …when they gave up hope.

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