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Documenting the Journey

May 2nd, 2018

By Luke Melms

The public has been given the remote control and chooses who they engage with. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the main channels where these viewers’ attention are held.

What has come of this are niche audiences in just about anything and everything.  The MLB Network is a prime example of this and is a channel that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

As a result, significant influence is no longer reserved only for those who are MVPs scoring big endorsement deals. The players gaining the most influence are the ones giving the most access. Fans want to get as behind the scenes as possible. While the TV gives them the game live or the highlights, there isn’t a channel that takes them around town on an off day or the across the country on road trips.

The main goal of Baseball and Business for current pro players is to see them be able to maximize the opportunity as an active player.  You’ve invested your entire life to the game and now is your time to be rewarded.

When you give access, you will gain attention. When you gain attention, you will build influence.

(Sharing from Lewis Brinson, go follow @lewisbrins25 on Instagram)

(Sharing from Nicky Delmonico, go follow @nickydelmonico on Instagram)

Instagram has become the best place for players to build a following because it easily allows for pictures, video, and live video to be shared.

Besides being fun, this simple social media strategy on the right platform can lead to business opportunities. Companies are willing to pay athletes to promote their product to their followers in exchange for cash and/or product. Below is Garrett Cooper teaming up with Essentia Water through a post on Instagram.


(Sharing from Garrett Cooper, go follow @coopaloop28 on Instagram)

Companies have paid for product placement in movies forever and endorsements are nothing new as well. Social media changed the game though because influence can be earned through “sweat equity” versus being one of the chosen few like it once was.

Until signing a multi year deal there is only so much guaranteed. Part of why Baseball and Business exists is to help players to take back as much control as possible. I believe one of the most realistic ways this can be done is through documenting the journey through pro ball.

This isn’t a plan B rather an extra way to leverage the platform pro baseball is. It simply requires a desire to document your day to day, learn a bit and engage with those who engage with you.

In addition, this is a great way to build a network that could be valuable after baseball long term.

Next week we will begin a new spotlight on our Instagram page. Each Monday will be #MoreThanAthletes Monday. We will highlight current MLB and MiLB players going beyond the field to maximize the opportunity.

If you aren’t already, go follow us @baseballandbusiness on Instagram. You will not want to miss this new rollout. I’m excited to give recognition to where it is well deserved and make sure the inner circle of players through this network are supporting one another.

The game has not changed but the opportunity has…for the better.

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