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Are You Ready?

February 20th, 2019

By Luke Melms

Spring Training is officially underway and the college guys have a handful of games under their belt.

Now is the time when the offseason work behind the scenes comes front and center.

As promised, we are going to get content going again on a weekly basis now that Spring Training is rolling.

Personally, I’ve been working harder than ever with my job as the opportunities we are working on continue to flow. This has required everything I’ve had and chose to take this two month content break to keep up with the work flow with clients.

This stretch has reminded me of playing centerfield when I had to be ready to cover a lot of ground at any given moment.

I recently recorded Episode 7 of The Baseball and Business Podcast with a former college baseball player who is crushing it in business. He started a company that is helping players and teams build their brands through the content created around these very players and teams.

I’ll keep the rest a surprise until we officially release the episode next week which you’ll get in next Wednesday’s email.

We have an exciting lineup of guests you’ll hear from in the following episodes and continue to add to the lineup as we fill the schedule for all of 2019.

If you are interested in sharing your story through the podcast, click here to be considered.

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