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For many years, there was a great divide between the paths of baseball and business.

As a result, most baseball players were inadequately prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities only available while playing as well as create a high level of success beyond baseball when playing comes to an end.

That is in the past though after a group of pro and college players discussed addressing the unique circumstances current and former players face after living through it themselves.

These conversations inspired the creation of Baseball and Business. We aren’t just a resource for players. We are players ourselves.

Baseball and Business empowers current and former pro and college baseball players to reach their full potential on the field and in business.

The best way to reach your full potential is to learn from those who’ve already accomplished what you aspire to do in baseball and business and then put this advice into action.

We make this possible through our podcast and Zoom meetups. Those still playing learn how to maximize the opportunity as an active player while those who’ve already crossed to the other side learn how to develop purpose, passion and success beyond the diamond.

We all know winning a World Series has never and will be never be won by a one man team. This formula to success on the field works just as well in business and life as a whole.

That’s why we created a place to be on a team beyond the field.

If you are a current or former pro or college baseball player, we have a spot on our team for you.

Welcome to the Baseball and Business network!

“There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.”


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